Within two weeks, the group was fielding close to 10,000 inquiries across the country from those who wanted to participate, as well as lawyers and citizens from other countries who wanted to bring their own class action lawsuit against China. They’ve set up a website, DemandChinaPay.org.

Because the CCP withheld information, it has broken the International Health Regulations agreement that requires it to notify the World Health Organization of public health emergencies of international concern in a timely manner.

“They decided to silence doctors who were going to talk about it, and as a result, in an effort to protect their own economic interests, and with their commercial and bioterrorism breaches, they have unleashed this on the world and must be held accountable, they must be made to pay,” said Jeremy Alters, the chief strategist and non-attorney spokesperson of the lawsuit from Berman Law Group.

“The American people and the people around the world are suffering greatly. Our economy is devastated, economies around the world are devastated, and we are not in a position to just say ‘You know what? It’s China, they’re a world superpower, let’s let them go.’ We are in a position to hold that superpower accountable for what they’ve done. And we intend on doing that in any way we can through this lawsuit,” Alters said.