Americans exposed to COVID-19 should join in on a class action lawsuit against China for “their failures to contain the coronavirus,” according to the Berman Law Group on Newsmax TV.

“We are gathering clients as we speak,” Jeremy Alters, the firm’s spokesman, told Tuesday’s “Greg Kelly Reports.”

“There is a movement of people that are getting behind this lawsuit. Let’s be frank: China unleashed a pandemic on the world, and they did it through the COVID-19 viral bomb. And it is exploding all over the United States as we speak.

“It is as simple as containing it in Wuhan before it got here, and not letting people go on planes and come here.”

The website for the class-action lawsuit is, where you are greeted by a live chat box to join.

“They need to be held accountable for what they did: to our people, to our economy, and to everyone around the world,” Alters told host Greg Kelly, suggesting the final lawsuit figure should rival the $2.2 trillion the U.S. coronavirus stimulus bill has needed to inject into the U.S. economy.