The Berman group have both evidence and information proving that the CCP of China knew about the virus and it’s dangers. Yet for their political and financial gains, decided to cover and obfuscate the information from the rest of the world. When asked why the firm has decided to file the lawsuit Jeremy said:

“We believe very strongly that China could have prevented the spread of this disease long before it got out of Wuhan China.”

We believe that they knowingly didn’t do that and covered up the information that would have protected USA, Poland and many other nations from the spread of this virus.”

“We know that China knew about this at the time and delayed at least 17 days before telling the WHO about the problem. Seventeen days is an eternity for this virus as we now know. … Had they disclosed the information they knew rather than try to cover it up for their own self interest, I don’t think the world would be in a condition it is in right now.”

Recently China decided to try and shift the blame for the pandemic on USA, claiming that the US military was the one that brought the virus to China. According to Jeremy and the Berman Group this is typical Chinese propaganda.