Two of the five plaintiffs, Lawrence Wood and Stephen Clyne, are from Palm Beach County. Two, Logan Alters and Marta Reyes, are from Miami-Dade County. The fifth is The Pitching Lab, a Boca Raton-based business owned by Clyne.

None of the plaintiffs have been diagnosed with COVID-19, the law firm said.

“No nation, particularly a rich world superpower like China, should be able to get away with what it has done,” said Jeremy Alters, chief strategist at Berman Law Group and father of plaintiff Logan Alters. “It suppressed information from the global medical community that could have averted or minimized the damage that has been done.”

The complaint lists a handful of unsubstantiated rumors about the Chinese government’s role in downplaying the danger of the virus early on, including that China censored doctors who tried to warn the public about the coronavirus, which emerged in December in the province of Wuhan.

The law group employs as consultants former state Sen. Joseph Abruzzo and Frank Biden, brother of presidential candidate and former Vice President Joe Biden.

But Frank Biden is not involved in this lawsuit, both he and the firm, told The Palm Beach Post Friday.