In light of the harm, a Florida law firm is suing the People’s Republic of China for its mishandling of the CCP virus outbreak. They claim that their clients “have or are virtually certain to suffer physical illness or death, as well as emotional distress” because of the pandemic, which has now hit the United States.

“We feel that the Chinese government knew about the disease,” said senior litigation strategist of The Berman Law Group Jeremy Alters in an interview with NTD News. “They knew about the virus, they did nothing to contain it, and they tried to protect their own economic self-interest, and didn’t disclose what they knew, until it was too late, and it became a widespread pandemic thereafter.”

He said they have reason to believe that China knew the virus was a problem before Jan. 1. The initial complaint cites a series of events that accuses the communist regime of deceptively downplaying the outbreak.

The events included the eight doctors who were censored by the CCP when they tried to raise the alarm about the SARS-like virus. It also accuses China of withholding the COVID-19 genome sequence for over two weeks before making their findings public.