There is a high-security bio-agent lab in Wuhan, and its presence has been noted as an “alternative theory” to simple negligence in a class-action lawsuit seeking to hold China liable for damage the coronavirus has caused to Americans and the U.S. economy. China adamantly denies such a theory.

“[The Wuhan Institute of Virology] handles the most dangerous viruses,” Jeremy Alters, the chief strategist and non-attorney spokesperson for the Berman Law Group, the class-action firm backing the suit, told Fox News in response to questions about the inclusion of the unsubstantiated bio-weapons theory in its lawsuit. “It resides in the epicenter of the outbreak in Wuhan. In that lab, they cultivate viruses from exotic animals. The wet markets were supposed to be shut down years ago and the Chinese government turned a blind eye to the ongoing operations. This is not coincidental.”

Gooden said in a statement on the bill — which could potentially provide a boost to the lawsuit — that it would give the U.S. options to hold China accountable if it is ever proven that the coronavirus was made by the Chinese government.