At least two of the private class actions, run by Berman Law Group, have sought to claim the commercial activity exception in their suits — although Yale law professor Stephen L. Carter argued in a recent Bloomberg column that the claims don’t fall under the FSIA exceptions.

Jeremy Alters, the chief firm strategist for Berman Law Group, applauded the Missouri suit.

“This filing by the state Attorney General of Missouri demonstrates the validity of our class action lawsuits vs. People’s Republic of China, the CCP and other entities,” Alters said. “Our case is about holding China, the CCP and others accountable in Court. It will take all of us united to right this horrible wrong, and together we will.”

China has been on the receiving end of not just lawsuits in the U.S. but also regular verbal barbs from federal lawmakers like Sen. Tom Cotton, R-Ark. Cotton has introduced legislation that would amend the FSIA to make it much easier for Americans to sue the Chinese government over the coronavirus.