There’s already two major class-action lawsuits underway against China filed by the Berman Law Group, a Florida-based firm. The original suit was filed in March on behalf of coronavirus victims and another case was brought in April by healthcare professionals suing China for hoarding personal protective equipment. The lawyers on the case argued China’s actions met a legal exception for immunity, but Hawley’s legislation would bolster the chance for thousands of American victims to receive justice, the lawsuit advocates say.

“I think it’s fantastic,” Jeremy Alters, chief firm strategist at the Berman Law Group and non-attorney spokesman, told Fox News of Hawley’s bill. “I think it shows that he is looking forward to a remedy for this terrible situation that has happened. It will make the hurdles that we have in our lawsuit much easier to clear. And it will allow the people of the United States to recover at least some compensation for what the CCP has done.”

Americans wanting to join the lawsuits can visit:

Hawley’s legislation would make the Chinese government subject to civil claims filed in U.S. courts. It would also launch an international investigation to determine how Beijing’s efforts to conceal and distort information put the world at risk and create a global effort to compel the Chinese government to provide restitution to victims, Hawley’s office said.