“The administration is taking the necessary steps to get to the bottom of China/CCP’s failure to properly contain the virus and the intentional suppression of information allowing for the proliferation of the virus worldwide,” Berman spokesman Jeremy Alters told Daily Caller Wednesday. “This investigation will expose what we have been saying from the beginning when we at Berman Law Group were first to file a class action lawsuit vs China/CCP — and we fully support the efforts.”

“China/CCP knew of the tragic dangers of the virus, the propensity for human to human spread, the omnipresent and relentless nature of the virus. We have said that the lawsuit will bring forth the truth, and unity in doing so makes the effort that much more powerful.”

Kushner and other top aides, including White House Director of Trade and Manufacturing Policy Peter Navarro, have recently ramped up rhetoric blaming China’s actions for the current pandemic.